Join Wael Shawky as he talks about his exciting Sharjah Biennial 11 project, Dictums 10:120 at College of Fine Arts and Design.

Wael Shawky’s Sharjah Biennial 11 project, Dictums 10:120, was developed in response to the Artist’s Witness Programme residency during Sharjah Biennial 10. Through a series of workshops, Shawky engaged members of Sharjah Art Foundation’s production and technical team, most of whom originate from Pakistan, to deconstruct and examine the relationship between art organisation and their communities.

The Artist challenges the boundaries and expectations imposed by existing hierarchies by inserting the religious musical tradition of qawwali into a contemporary art framework, playfully questioning the legitimizing power of the institution, comparing the oblique and mystified language of ‘artspeak’ with mystic poetry.


Dictums 10:120 for Sharjah Biennial 11

وائل شوقي

يستعمل وائل شوقي طيفاً من الوسائط لكي ينتج أعماله التي يستكشف فيها قضايا التاريخ والدين والثقافة وتأثيرات العولمة على المجتمعات المعاصرة.

Dictums 10:120 for Sharjah Biennial 11

أقوال 10:120

أقوال 10:120 مشروع من عدة أجزاء، يحتوي علي تأليف موسيقي وأدائي لأغنية صوفية الطابع (قوالي).