Below 160, 2012

Tarek Atoui
Below 160, 2012
Performance still
Arts Area, Sharjah
Photo by Alfredo Rubio


Lebanese Sound Artist Tarek Atoui will lead a workshop with students from Al Amal School for the Deaf about sound and music composition. Atoui will be working closely with hearing impaired students on how to use sound as a means of communication between each other as well as with their environment and the outside world, through corporality and performance.

The workshop will kick off with a performance by Tarek Atoui and will culminate with a performance by the students from Al Amal School for the Deaf on its last night. The performances will investigate how sound vibrations become the compositional element that the hearing impaired can relate to, with their great capacities of feeling and sensory apprehension. This experiment will explore universal forms of discourse that go beyond language, music and audible forms of communication.


23 April: Tarek Atoui
7:00 pm

27 April: Students from Al Amal School for the Deaf
7:00 pm