Sharjah Art Foundation

March Meeting 2011

3-Day Cultural Symposium on ongoing and future art and cultural initiatives by professionals from across the globe


March Meeting 2011
Shuruq Harb & Ursula Biemann

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ArtTerritories was officially launched at the 6th Liverpool Biennial in 2010, but March Meeting 2011 was the first time the project had been presented in the Arab region. Initiated in Palestine, the project is a web platform that generates its content through interviews. Its aim is to address the issue that local art discourse is predominantly driven by those outside the region; the impetus of the site is to provide space for local artists to analyse their own context. Moreover, ArtTerritories uses the internet as a practical means to overcome the problem of the immobility and fragmentation of many artists and practitioners across the Arab world.

Presentation Proposal

ArtTerritories (AT) is an artistic collaboration between Ursula Biemann and Shuruq Harb. The project is conceived as an independent publishing platform for artists, researchers and curators to reflect on their practice and engage in critical exchange on matters of art and visual culture in the Middle East and the Arab world. Dedicated to the interview format, the focus of AT lies on discursive art and media-based practices, urban research and art in the public sphere, visual culture produced in the academic context, collaborative initiatives in the arts, as well as cultural and institutional politics. AT was launched in the autumn of 2010 and will begin 2011 with productions in the urban space.

Shuruq Harb

Shuruq Harb is a Palestinian artist based in Ramallah. She has a Masters in Photographic Studies from the University of Westminster. Working with text and photography, her artistic practice deals with issues around writing, language and image. Her work A Book of Signatures was shown at Ikon Gallery, Birmingham (UK) in 2010, and her most recent work, Wiki City, was included in the City States exhibitions at the Liverpool Biennial, 2010.

Ursula Biemann

Ursula Biemann is a video artist, curator and theorist based in Zurich. She has produced a considerable body of work on migration, borders, technology and geography. She has curated various research projects on contemporary geographies of mobility, including The Maghreb Connection, and published several books including Geography and the Politics of Mobility; and Mission Reports, a recent monograph of her video works.