CLIMAVORE reads and eats landscapes following climatic alterations. Melting, heating, cooling, toxifying, drying, acidifying, salinising,condensing, rooting, diluting, CLIMAVORE sets out to frame the new seasons of food production and consumption that are appearing due to human-induced climatic events. Different from the now obsolete Western-centric cycle of spring, summer, autumn and winter, climatic events span days, months, years or centuries. Our year can no longer be organised around a mental construct of fixed seasons. CLIMAVORE investigates how to adapt our diet to a globally financialised landscape, investigating food choices during seasons of polluted oceans, flash floods along weakened coasts, periods of severe drought or overpopulation of invasive species. For March Meeting 2017, the idea of desertification will orchestrate the series of dishes served for lunch. The desert has become a new frontier for climate-related investments and new power structures that collide with pastoralist and nomadic constructions of space.
Rather than relying on multimillion-dollar aid programmes, CLIMAVORE rethinks what edibles can contribute to a flexible understanding of the changing landscape.