Mohammad Al Faraj, Sophia (still), 2018. Video installation, sound. Courtesy of the artist and Athr Gallery, Jeddah

What if there is more to 'surface' than meets the eye? Although the notion of surface can conjure associations with the inconsequential or the everyday, the slick or the superficial, the works in this exhibition play on these associations in order to elaborate on knowledge, relationships and informal gestures that yield aesthetic insight or meaningful social innovation.

This summer, Sharjah Art Foundation presents Surface Tension, a group exhibition that explores ‘surface’ as a dynamic interface between artists and their surroundings.

Running through 7 September 2019, the show features works in video, painting, drawing and sculpture by artists Mohammad Al Faraj, Minam Apang, Dale Harding, Mire Lee, Randa Maroufi and Dala Nasser. In Surface Tension, the artists foreground synthetic materials and formal artifice in order to engage deeply with their surroundings and explore new dimensions of collective experience.

Surface Tension is free to attend.

Also on view this summer at the foundation are two additional shows; a solo exhibition of the works of painter Andrew Stahl will run through 10 September 2019, while the seventh edition of the annual photography exhibition Vantage Point Sharjah will run through 6 October 2019.