God Grows on Trees, 2007-2008

Hamra Abbas

Biennial, Commissions & Productions

God Grows on Trees, 2007-2009
99 individual gouache painting and diasec digital print
Installation view at HH Sheikh Sultan Al Qasimi Collection Building
Commissioned and produced by Sharjah Art Foundation
Courtesy of Green Cardamom
Photo by Alfredo Rubio

Artist's Statement

God Grows on Trees consists of 99 portraits of children studying in madrasahs across Pakistan whom I photographed and painted. It also includes a large digital print.

The God of Islam has 99 names, which are recited, and represented in calligraphy throughout the Islamic world in media ranging from paper, to precious metal, to walls of public buildings, even onto tree trunks. In the globalized marketplace, 99 is equally ubiquitous in the universal consciousness as the psychologically critical pricing point found on price tags, posters and TV advertisements.

God Grows on Trees seeks to speak at once about religion, fear, hope, humanity, love and commoditisation.

Hamra Abbas 


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