Artwork Details

  • Artist Marwan Rechmaoui
  • Title A Monument for the Living
  • Date 2001
  • Medium Casted cement
  • Dimensions 230 x 60 x 40 cm
A Monument for the Living Image


A Monument for the Living is a replica of a highrise in downtown Beirut that was never completed and only served as a strategic military location during the Lebanese civil war. It is a thirty four story building with seven underground levels and five hundred and ten windows. Although the building was never completed, it was originally built as a commercial centre and eventually served as a jail during the Lebanese civil war. The cells where the hostages were held were on the lower levels and guarded by various militias - whichever was in control of the building at the time. Being a highly strategic point, the upper levels were used by snipers. Ten years after the cease-fire, the building is still dysfunctional due to structural defects.


A Monument for the Living

Rechmaoui, Marwan

Created from industrial materials such as concrete, rubber, tar and glass, Marwan Rechmaoui’s work reflects his methodical study of cartography, demographics and urbanisation.