Composition recompose 1 (1990)

Chaouki Choukini
Composition recompose 1, 1990
Watercolour on paper; 61 x 51 x 3 cm
Collection of Sharjah Art Foundation, Sharjah
Photo: Danko Stjepanovic


Chaouki Choukini’s paintings and sculptures reflect on images culled from his childhood memories associated with the landscapes of south Lebanon.

The exhibition includes a variety of works by the artist, including his wood sculptures and paintings inspired by his long stay in Japan. His wood sculptures merge lines between abstraction and representation, evoking places, events and characters.

His works completed in the 1990s include painting and drawing, which represent a period of time and a special experience. It is an abstract installation in which a sculptural approach is taken. It also takes the name of a place or represents places that were inhabited but are now deserted. This exhibition presents a selection of Choukini’s works created by using different techniques, including Composition recompose 1 (1990), Composition recompose 2 (1990), Desert 2 (1994), Desert 6 (1994) and Lieu 5 (1992).

His sculptural works also varied, in which he used different types of wood gradient in colour from yellow to dark brown. The sculptural works in this exhibition, Dame de Coeur (2007), Claire de Lune (2011–2012), Portrait de I'Oiseau (2013), Personnage 3 (2014), Etre (2014) and Lieu 2 (2014) range from horizontal carvings to vertical models.

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