Artwork Details

  • Artist Derek Ogbourne
  • Title Gravity and Others
  • Date 2002
  • Medium Video
  • Duration 23 minutes 25 seconds
Gravity and Others Image


In Gravity and Others, Ogbourne explores narrative and our familiarity of the given exploited genre, a new avenue for him. A development from previous work in as far as it is tightly edited and based on cinematic experience, a continuation in as far as the intensely physical still dominates, Gravity and Others, re-creates the ‘classic’ pivotal point within the thriller film genre, re-shooting and using the form of the close-up ‘cliff-hanger type’ falling sequence (ie. close up hand on rock or building, fall, caught, slip, rope fray, ripping of clothes, treading on hands…), building a tight narrative where the impression is of a large number of characters on the verge of falling but always saved. With this piece, the narrative represents the mass in downward motion, good and bad protagonists being brackets to and containing the action. A genre (thriller) within a classic moment (hanging off, saved by a hand) within a practice (mise en shot) caught in a never ending action sequence, the filmic nightmare, the imaginary spark or force field that bonds us with our salvation. Gravity and Others immerses the viewer in an obsessive fracture, a splicing of close-ups and extreme close-ups, cuts frantically oscillating in time and space, a metaphor for the nightmare scenario of displaced human securities, trust and our overwhelming social need.


Gravity and Others

Ogbourne, Derek

Derek Ogbourne has developed a practice that makes visible the strengths and frailties of being human through his overlapping and sometimes contradictory ways of seeing the world.