Excursion and Workshop: TAPESTRIES, Sharjah, 2016.


Home to multiple markets and aromas, #SAFneighbourhood is packed with perfumers and spice merchants. In this session, participants will visit and reflect on Farah Al Qasimi’s video installation for March Project 2019. Then, guided by the artist, they will go on an excursion around the neighbourhood to converse with shop merchants and explore some of the more unusual souq trends, which range from Burj Khalifa prints on textiles to snake oils. While they learn about the cultural significance of the trends, their different uses and applications, and the demographics targeted, they will document their findings through video and photography.

This session will be conducted in English.

About the instructor

Farah Al Qasimi’s work explores how consumer culture seduces people, particularly women, with promises of beauty or self-improvement. Her practice moves fluidly between private and public spaces, but the content has primarily remained focused on locating the fantastic in the everyday. Al Qasimi holds both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in photography from Yale University, New Born in 1991 in Abu Dhabi, she currently lives and works between New York and Dubai.


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This workshop is free and open to the public.

For ages 18+