Culinary Performance and Workshop: Ice Cream, Arts Area, Sharjah, 2017.


Chefs, cooks and food enthusiasts of all skill levels are invited to this meetup to delve into the topic of nostalgia and memory in food, and discuss Sharjah’s dynamic culinary scene as a melting pot and memory bank of flavours. Participants are invited to share their childhood food memories and reflect on how taste, scent and ingredients can inspire new recipes. They will then enjoy a feast curated by Fen Café and Restaurant Head Chef, Marco Padre, that is inspired by his childhood memories of food.

About the instructor

Nahla Al Tabbaa is a curator and navigator with food tourism company Frying Pan Adventures, and a voracious experimenter in the kitchen. Her commitment to daily cooking and slow-living stems from a spiritual and meditative promise to herself, and an appetite and urgency to preserve the recipes of her life experiences. She completed her MA in Curatorial Practice from Bath School of Art and Design in 2012.


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