Based on a true story, Hajja depicts Algerian shopkeeper Hakim’s search for his missing 73-year-old mother. Hakim crosses half of Oran, a port city in northwest Algeria, as he looks for her. Meanwhile, his mother, Hajja, is on a defiant journey of her own to her house in Oudja, Morocco. Without a passport or car, she decides to walk across the closed border. This film is about love, forgiveness and a strong Arab woman who, not fully understanding or respecting the modern concept of borders, refuses to take no for an answer.

Screening Information

Hajja (2021)
Director: Nadira Amrani
Producer: Sara Elgamal
Algeria, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom
Narrative | 20 minutes
Arabic with English subtitles

Awarded the Sharjah Film Platform Short Film Production Grant for 2020, this film will be presented by Sharjah Art Foundation at Sharjah Film Platform (SFP) in November 2020.

Details about the Short Film Production Grant as well as the full SFP programme from December 2019 can be found here.

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Hajja (2021)

Amrani, Nadira

Visual artist Nadira Amrani’s work encompasses photography, theatre and cinema.