Mustafa Z, 2017

Mustafa Z (2017)
Director: Nidhal Chatta
Narrative | 81 min
Arabic with English subtitles
Parental advisory: 18+ (suitable only for adults)
Film Still


The film follows Mustafa on the day of the Tunisian democratic elections; nothing is going right for him. His day begins with a strained argument with his wife, followed by a tense car ride with his son and termination from his employment. His circumstances do not improve from there as his car is impounded because the parking meter does not function properly. Frustrated with the absurdity of the whole situation, he rebels by locking himself in his car and refusing to leave no matter what. In this act of resistance, he sheds light on the duality of the current political and economic system in his country.

This film received six nominations and won ten awards, including Best Film, Festival Maghrebin du Film (2018), Golden Sotigui Award for Best Actor, Ouagadougou Panafrican Film and Television Festival (2018) and Best Actor, Alexandria International Film Festival (2017).