Upcoming publications by Publishing Grant recipients (2020 - 2021)


Grant amount up to 30,000 USD + publishing and distribution support + release and signing at FOCAL POINT art book fair

The Publishing Grant invites cultural producers in the following fields to submit project proposals: art and cultural scholars, translators, writers, editors, independent publishers and publishing houses, collectives and non-profit institutions. Projects should contribute to the production of original ideas and critical thinking and take an experimental and innovative approach to publishing.

The grant is committed to supporting printed matter that stands out for its intellectual, graphic and material qualities. While the final project must be presented in a printed format, an e-book version or digital reading component is encouraged.

Sharjah Art Foundation will provide a total of 30,000 USD to multiple grantees, in addition to publishing and distribution support across the following three categories:

1. Experimental publications on a variety of topics and media, including but not limited to, artist zines, comics, graphic novels, cookbooks, personal narratives, travelogues, geography books, publication reprints and/or a combination of the above.
2. Translations category encourages applicants to submit proposals for translating any existing avant-garde, experimental, critical texts, manifesto, artist writings and narrative, into Arabic and/or English.
3. Children and Young Adult publications invites authors and illustrators to submit their proposals for illustrated short stories, colouring books or picture books that offer a critical understanding or biographical accounts of artistic practices.

To learn about past grant recipients and their projects, click here.

How to apply:

● Only applications submitted through this link will be considered.
● Deadline for submission is 11:59 pm UAE local time (GMT+4), Friday, 2 September 2022. Submissions after the deadline will not be accepted.
● In case your query is not answered in the FAQs section below, contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and indicate Publishing Grant 2022 in the subject line.


Can I apply in multiple categories with more than one project?
No, an applicant can only apply for one grant category per year. Multiple entries will be automatically disqualified.

What is the maximum grant amount allocated to an individual project?
A single grant request must not exceed 15,000 USD.

We are a collective of two (or more) members. How do we ensure all of our names and biographical data are included in the application?
We advise collectives to apply with their collective name and include the biography of the collective in the application form. Choose one member as a legal representative who will be the main point of contact in case of a successful application.

Is it mandatory for the project to be in Arabic and/or English?
The original material can be in any language; however, the final project must be presented in Arabic and/or English.

How should I distribute the grant money?
Grant money should be used towards research and fee-based activities, such as writing, editing, translation, image reproduction and licensing, designing, printing and shipping.

I am applying with a project that has been published before. Am I still eligible to apply?
Only finished works that have never been published, at least not with an ISBN and/or for commercial distribution, qualify.

Will Sharjah Art Foundation secure all related rights to reproduce or reprint archival material?
Applicants must already hold or agree to obtain all related rights, licences and permissions to reproduce or reprint any relevant archival material or images, including licensing support from other funding organisations/institutions at the time of application.

Who owns the rights to aesthetic and intellectual content?
Copyright of all aesthetic and intellectual content will remain with the applicant. If the grant is awarded, the recipient agrees to acknowledge Sharjah Art Foundation’s support in all published media, and accord the Foundation exclusive worldwide rights to the reproduction, distribution, public communication and adaptation.

Will I have the rights to republish the project later?
Primary publishing rights will be with Sharjah Art Foundation. Any second or new editions and rights to republish will not be unreasonably withheld by the Foundation.

What is the total number of copies to be considered when budgeting for the grant?
It depends on the scope and purpose of the project. The total can vary from a limited edition print run to up to 1,000 copies. We do not recommend going over 1,000 offset copies.

What is the timeline to finish the project?
Grant recipients should budget sufficient time to plan, implement, publish and ship their printed projects to present them at the FOCAL POINT art book fair in autumn 2023.

Who is responsible for distribution of the finished project?
Sharjah Art Foundation is the primary distributor in the Gulf and broader Middle East region. However, the grantees are also encouraged to promote the material through their own network and channels.

In addition to providing funding, what else does Sharjah Art Foundation cover?
● Sharjah Art Foundation can offer grant recipients support through its network of editors, translators, designers, printers and shippers to oversee final projects to completion.
● The Foundation will promote the works through its own publishing and distribution platforms.
● The winner(s) will be provided a round-trip air ticket in economy class and hotel accommodation in Sharjah to launch their completed project(s) at the FOCAL POINT art book fair and talks programme.

Which projects are not eligible for the grant?
Projects in the following categories are not eligible for the Publishing Grant:
● Fiction, drama, poetry and biographies.
● Proposals or projects for exhibition catalogues or artist monographs associated with another institution or commercial space.
● Projects where funding is intended to cover infrastructure and equipment costs as well as the costs of operating cultural facilities, archives and collections.

When are the results of the grant announced?
Results will be communicated to all applicants in November. Winning projects will be announced at FOCAL POINT art book fair and on our social media platforms.