Zeinah Al Qahwaji, Shadow (still), 2017. 20 min

Programme 14

untitled (a refusal of leave to land) (2019)
Director: Marian Mayland
Documentary | 29 min
German with English subtitles

The essayistic film untitled (a refusal of leave to land) focuses on a German prisoner-of-war (POW) camp from World War II, the arms industry in the post-industrial Ruhr area and the relationship between individual and collective memory. Beginning with a childhood memory of finding a fossil in the rocks of a former railroad track, the film follows connections between Stalag VI F, a former POW camp in Bocholt, and the Krupp company in Essen.

How Green the Calabash Garden Was (2017)
Director: Trương Minh Quý
Documentary | 15 min
Vietnamese with English subtitles

Together with director Trương Minh Quý, a Vietnamese veteran recreates the horrors of the Cambodian genocide in naive drawings in a lush calabash garden. This film is short, sincere and personal, with an unexpected twist.

Sunday Market: Tripoli (2018)
Director: Yahya Mourad
Documentary | 16 min
Arabic with English subtitles

In the wake of the Lebanese Civil War and the subsequent Syrian occupation of Lebanon, ex-fighters of different nationalities decide to ‘drop out’. To escape the conflicts, they settle in the outskirts of Tripoli, Lebanon’s second-largest city, where they gain a sense of belonging and freedom from a flea market called the ‘Sunday Market’.

Shadow (2017)
Director: Zeinah Al Qahwaji
Documentary | 20 min
Arabic and English subtitles

Divorce rates have been increasing recently among Syrian refugees in Europe. In most cases, women are abandoning their husbands, who generally do not understand what is happening. What exactly their wives are missing is still a mystery to them. From the same background as the married couples, the director depicts this situation in this short film in an attempt to understand and reveal part of the secret.