Mariam Alawadhi, Mum (still), 2018. 10 min

Programme 6

Maharith (2019)
Director: Ahmad Eid
Saudi Arabia
Documentary | 7 min
Arabic with Arabic and English subtitles

In the mountains of Zahwan, north of Jazan in Saudi Arabia, simple farmer Faisal Al Misgari follows his daily routine of working on his family farms every morning.

Letter to My Son (2018)
Director: Dhia Jerbi
Documentary | 26 min
Arabic with English subtitles

This film focuses on a letter from a father to his son, whose birth leads to questions of paternity, inheritance and exile. A small apartment becomes a meeting place for three generations torn between Tunisia and France.

Mum (2018)
Director: Mariam Alawadhi
United Arab Emirates
Documentary | 10 min
Arabic with English subtitles

After 15 years of avoiding the source of her anxiety, Mariam finally voices her emotions regarding her non-Emirati mother and the uneasiness she feels in Emirati society because of her mixed background.

Yado & I (2018)
Director: Sara Al Mheiri
United Arab Emirates
Documentary | 25 min
Arabic and English with English subtitles

Exploring the drastic changes experienced by the United Arab Emirates over the past few decades, this film focuses on the relationship between the director, a young Emirati woman, and her paternal grandmother, her last remaining grandparent. Young people in the UAE traditionally have lunch at their grandparents’ house every Friday, and although the director follows that tradition, she realises that she and her grandmother actually know nothing about each another.

Shed el Rehal(2017)
Director: Ahmed Mohsen El Demerdash
Documentary | 16 min
Arabic with English subtitles

This documentary follows the daily life of the marginalised group known as the ‘Arab Travelers’. The film offers insight into their customs and traditions, their origins and their routines, their wishes and dreams, and their celebrations and suffering.