Haywain with Cruise Missiles, 1980

Peter Kennard
Haywain with Cruise Missiles, 1980
Tate Collection


Join us on Sunday, October 12 when Curator Peter Lewis, keynote Speaker Colm Lally and exhibiting Artists Fabienne Audeoud, Al Fadhil, Peter Fillingham and Elizabeth Chadwick consider new ways of thinking about art. The panel will address the new relationship between art and technology and how the move from private to online public space has influenced contemporary culture.

This event will be held at the jamjar, Al Quoz, Dubai in conjunction with Sharjah Art Foundation’s exhibition /seconds.
Exhibition dates: 11 October ― 8 December, 2014.

All SAF events are free and open to the public.


Talk with /seconds. Curator Peter Lewis and Exhibiting Artists


Curated by Peter Lewis, Sharjah Art Foundation presents a selection of artists’ works from the online journal /seconds. (2004―2014), which covers a broad range of issues and art practices from different cultural perspectives.

Talk with /seconds. Curator Peter Lewis and Exhibiting Artists

Lewis, Peter

Artist and curator Peter Lewis focuses on researching the work of non-Western artists and leads interdisciplinary courses in art, design, architecture and moving image.