Tarek Atoui and Jad Atoui performing at the opening of 'Tarek Atoui: Cycles in 11'. Sharjah Art Foundation, 2020


Tarek Atoui’s exhibition Cycles in 11 centres around experimental and innovative musical forms and offers audiences opportunities to learn about and explore instrument-making, compositional structure and musical collaboration. The exhibition was the starting point for this regional and international Residency Programme wherein musicians, composers and artists have been invited to develop new work, either individually or with different audiences in Sharjah.

The residents will have the opportunity to interact with the works within the exhibition. These works, developed over the last 11 years, represent the culmination of the artist’s ongoing exploration of different methods of listening, composition and performance. The instruments Atoui has created are the product of extensive research into music history and tradition as well as collaborations with different experts. Challenging established ways of listening through innovative approaches to sound, the instruments also build on the artist’s earlier project WITHIN, which grew out of years of work with Deaf culture. This project, originating in Sharjah, investigated how deafness can influence the way sound performance, space and instrumentation are understood.

During the residency, the heritage house Bait Al Serkal, located in one of the oldest areas in the city of Sharjah, will operate as both a sound lab and a performance and listening space informed by the local tradition of hospitality. In Sharjah’s east coast city of Kalba, another sound lab will be set up close to the emirate’s natural reserves and archaeological sites.

Participating artists

17–26 January 2021
Igor Porte – Resident Advisor
Ivan Macera – Open Call Resident
Christine Kazarian – Open Call Resident

7–15 February 2021
Jad Atoui – Resident Advisor
GRAYCODE, jiiiiin (Taebok Cho & Jinhee Jung) – Open Call Resident

1–12 March 2021
Alan Affichard – Resident Advisor
Leyya Mona Tawil – Open Call Resident
Kristoffer Kjaerskov – Open Call Resident
Safeya Alblooshi - Open Call Resident

14–23 March 2021
Boris Shershenkov – Resident Advisor
Hadi Zeidan – Open Call Resident
Zeynab Ghandour – Open Call Resident

View more information about the resident artists and advisors here.

Scope of work

Residents’ responsibilities include but are not necessarily limited to the following:

• Conduct research before and during the period of the 10-day residency under the guidance of Tarek Atoui, the assigned Resident Advisor, the Sharjah Art Foundation (SAF) Residency Programme team and the Music and Performance Programme team.

• Participate in a conversation with Tarek Atoui, the assigned Residency Advisor and the SAF team one month in advance of the residency to plan the specifics of the residency.

• Provide all technical requirements to the SAF team at least two weeks prior to the residency.

• Correspond with the above-mentioned teams on a regular basis to facilitate the research in Sharjah, keep the teams updated and receive feedback on project development.

• If desired, participate in, or lead workshops, planned in conjunction with the SAF Learning Programme team.

• If desired, conduct or participate in ‘pop-up’ performances in Sharjah during the residency.

• Contribute to identifying and collecting relevant data, records, bodies of knowledge and expertise.

• Access site-specific materials, objects and sites.

• Conduct meetings or interviews with relevant individuals, groups and institutions in Sharjah.

• Conduct site visits, which might include audio and/or visual recordings (photography, video, sound recordings, etc), measurements, sampling, etc.

• Contribute to the development of one public programme (e.g. workshop) and/or a presentation, paper or performance that can be presented during the residency or afterwards (if it is a presentation or paper).