The Unknown Saint (2019)

The Unknown Saint (2019)
Alaa Eddine Aljem
The Unknown Saint (still)
Digital video, colour, sound
100 minutes
Courtesy of MC Distribution


Moments before his capture by the police, Amine escapes into the desert and buries a bag of loot on top of a hill, disguising the spot as an unmarked grave. Released from prison years later, Amine returns to retrieve the bag only to find that a mausoleum honouring an unknown saint now covers the site and a new village subsists on the pilgrims who travel from far and wide to visit the mausoleum. Amine settles into the village and begins plotting a way in.

Screening Information

The Unknown Saint (2019)
Director: Alaa Eddine Aljem
Narrative | 100 minutes
Arabic with English subtitles

Presented by Sharjah Art Foundation, this film is part of the Spring Film Series which explore notions of passion, ambition and determination. The other films in this series are The Milkmaid and Sun Children.

Details about the full programme can be found here.

All film screenings begin at 8.30 pm in Sharjah Art Foundation’s open-air Mirage City Cinema, Al Mureijah Art Spaces.

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The Unknown Saint (2019)

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