Mohammad Al Faraj, Sophia (still), 2018. Video, 20 monitors, sound. Courtesy of the artist and Athr Gallery, Jeddah


Presented across two galleries, Surface Tension features works in video, painting, drawing and sculpture that explore ‘surface’ as a dynamic interface between artists and their surroundings. Although the notion of surface can conjure associations with the inconsequential or the everyday, the slick or the superficial, the works in this exhibition play on these associations in order to foreground and elaborate on knowledge, relationships and informal gestures that may seem too ordinary or frivolous to yield aesthetic insight or meaningful social innovation. The way the artists approach materials and structural devices—finding unique expression in synthetics and formal artifice—facilitates the movement beyond a surface reading. They engage deeply with their surroundings and model social complexity that evolve from new understanding of collective experience. Surface Tension includes works by Mohammad Al Faraj, Minam Apang, Dale Harding, Mire Lee, Randa Maroufi and Dala Nasser.