Astral LXXXII is an experimental solo project by singer-songwriter X. As Astral LXXXII, she is an accidental sound maker who creates soft and eerie music, or what she calls ‘beautiful noise’, using synthesisers, vocal effects and other materials from her surrounding environment.

Other projects of X’s include Visqueen, a collaboration with Tse Tse Fly Middle East founder Simon Coates, and WYWY, a Dubai-based dreampop and ethereal wave duo with Mickie Alvarez. Under various monikers, X has performed at venues such as MONO, Joe & Sons, Dubai (2018); Sikka Art Fair, Dubai (2017, 2018); Tse Tse Fly, Casa Latina, Dubai (2016) and Fête de la Musique, Lokal Hostel, Manila (2016).

She is also a mentor at the non-profit Rock Camp for Girls UAE, Dubai.

Born in 1982 in Dubai, X grew up in Manila and currently lives and works in Sharjah.

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