Orientations, 2010

Ismaïl Bahri
Orientations, 2010
Two-channel colour HD video projection, sound
20 minutes, 18 minutes
Installation view
Courtesy Les filles du calvaire gallery, Paris


Close observation is rewarded, since Ismaïl Bahri's stories and images are often subtle and moving slowly. In 2012, Bahri exhibited at the Biennale Benin, Cotonou; Rising Images, Centre Pompidou, Paris; Video.it, Fondazione Merz, Turin, Italy; Busan Video Art Festival, South Korea; and Resistance[s] III, Cinémathèque de Tanger, Morocco. His work has also been shown at the British Film Institute, London, UK (2010); National Museum of Mali, Bamako (2009) and the Osaka Museum of History, Japan (2009), among other venues.

This person was part of Sharjah Biennial 11 and 13


Bahri, Ismail


The camera follows a hand carefully carrying a glass filled with ink through the streets of Tunis.