SYS*05.ReE*03/ SE*1 MoE*2–7, 2000—2013

Mathieu Briand
SYS*05.ReE*03/ SE*1 MoE*2–7, 2000—2013
Seven helmets, video glasses, cameras, electronic network
Dimensions variable
Installation view
Photo by Alfredo Rubio


Mathieu Briand's solo exhibitions include Funerales CajaBlanca, Galeria Caja Blanca, Mexico City, Mexico (2011), Bâtons de Légendes, Galerie Nathalie Seroussi, Paris, France, and Carlier | Gebauer, Berlin, Germany (2010), Bad Trip, galerieofmarseille (2009), France, The Spiral AKA SYS*11, Tate Modern, London, UK (2007) and UBÏQ: A Mental Odyssey, REDCAT, Los Angeles, USA (2006).

Briand has participated in international group exhibitions such as Sous influences, La maison rouge, Paris (2013), France, Migration, ARNDT, Melbourne, Australia (2012), Star Voyager: Exploring Space on Screen, ACMI, Melbourne (2011), Australia, Event Horizon, Centre for Contemporary Photography, Melbourne (2010) Australia, and Incarnational Aesthetics, New York Center for Art and Media Studies, USA (2009).

The Artist has created a number of permanent installations including Eternal Garden, Back to Zhong Guo – Fools Move Mountains Nanling, China (2005), and SYS*017.ReR*06/PiG-EqN\15*25, 21st Century Contemporary Art Museum, Kanazawa, Japan (2004).