Alex Dika Seggerman investigates the intersection of Islam and modernism in art history, including archival research on modern Middle Eastern art movements as well as an examination of how Islamic art history is a product of the modern era. She is the Assistant Professor of Islamic Art History at Rutgers University, Newark, US.

Her first book, Modernism on the Nile: Art in Egypt between the Islamic and the Contemporary (University of North Carolina Press, 2019), traces the arc of Egyptian modernism in art, arguing that artists confronted and visualised the transnational context of their circulation. Seggerman has also published a number of articles, including Mahmoud Mukhtar: The first sculptor from the land of sculpture (World Art, Volume 4, Issue 1, 2014) and Al-Tatawwur (Evolution): An Enhanced Timeline of Egyptian Surrealism (Dada/Surrealism, Volume 19, 2013). Moreover, her research contributes to the growing field of global modernisms, diversifying narratives of twentieth-century art. 

Seggerman holds a BA in Art History from Columbia University, New York (2005), and received her PhD from Yale University in the History of Art (2014). Prior to joining the Rutgers-Newark faculty in 2018, she held postdoctoral fellowships at Smith College, Hampshire College and Yale University.

Born in 1983 in New York, Seggerman currently lives and works in Newark, US.

SAF participation:
March Meeting 2021

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