Paul Domela is Programme Director of Liverpool Biennial after being Deputy Chief Executive from 2001-2007. In 2010 he initiated City States, an exhibition platform for the cities around the world. He is interested in the intersection between art and urban development and organised a variety of public research programmes: Touched Talks, Urbanism09, Urban Ecologies, City Breaks - Art and Culture in Times of Expediency. He is Co-Founder of the European Biennial Network and member of the boards of Liverpool School of Art and Design, International Foundation Manifesta, The Biennial Foundation, International Curators Forum and the Journal for Art in the Public Sphere. Previously he organised the public programme of the Jan van Eyck Academy, The Netherlands (1992-1999). He holds an MBA from Georgetown University, Washington DC and an MA in Art History of Goldsmiths’ College, London.