Happy 4 Ever / Best, 2009

Ahmed Foula
Happy 4 Ever / Best, 2009
Mixed media
Dimensions variable
Detail view
Photo by Alfredo Rubio


For over 7 years, Ahmed Foula practised as a freelance graphic designer and led branding and advertising campaigns for artistic and cultural spaces as well as exhibitions and events in Egypt and across the Arab World.

In 2008, Foula curated a collective Graphic Art project titled Breaking Boredom which brought together six of Egypt’s most celebrated graphic designers. He was then co-curator of Roto, a project which explored the uses of the rotoscoping technique in the production of animated short films. For Past of the Coming Days he was commissioned to create a site specific design project in which he collaborated with other designers to produce work that could be viewed in various locations around Sharjah. His recent work has been created from a process of integrating previous architectural and graphical experiences into novel artistic experiments.

Currently lives and works in Montreal, Canada.

November 2010

This person was part of Sharjah Biennial 9


Foula, Ahmed

Happy 4 Ever / Best

The newly designed Happy 4 Ever tissue boxes and Best Construction fences can be seen in and around Sharjah over the course of the Biennial.