Vicarious Dreams, 2011

Hatem Imam
Vicarious Dreams, 2011
7 etchings
Dimensions variable up to 100 x 70 cm
Installation view
Produced for Sharjah Biennial 10
Photo by Alfredo Rubio


In 2007, Hatem Imam co-founded and now edits the Samandal comics magazine and is a board member of the 98weeks research project. He is also artistic director of the Annihaya record label and a founding member of the art collective Atfal Ahdath. Since 2007, he has been teaching in the Department of Architecture and Design at the American University of Beirut.

This person was part of the Sharjah Biennial 10


Imam, Hatem

Vicarious Dreams

Vicarious Dreams consists of seven landscapes based on photographs of construction digs that Hatem Imam has been taking in Beirut since 2009.