Hisham Al Madhloum is a founding member of the Emirates Fine Arts Society, Emirates Photography Society and Al Marsam Al Hor studio at the UAE University. Previously, he was Director of the Sharjah Calligraphy Museum (1995–2006), Director of the Sharjah Museum of Contemporary Art (1995–2006) and Director of the Sharjah Art Museum (1995–2006). He has also worked as general coordinator for the Sharjah Biennial (1993-2007). He was instrumental in the planning and establishment of Sharjah TV.

Al Madhloum’s work has featured in solo exhibitions, including Aramez (The Symbol), Higher College of Technology, Sharjah (2010) and Basar wa baser (Sight and Seer), Sharjah (1989). He has also participated in group exhibitions, such as the Emirates Fine Arts Society Exhibition, Sharjah, (1981-1986); Sharjah National Arts Festival (1984-1988) and the 1st edition of Poster Art Festival, Lebanon (1982). He has designed the logos of Sharjah TV and other sports clubs and teams in the UAE.

He holds a Bachelor's degree in Visual Communication and Management from the United Arab Emirates University, Al Ain (1986).

Al Madhloum was born in 1961 in Sharjah where he continues to live and work.

SAF participation:
March Meeting (2014)

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