HIZZ is a Cairo- and Detroit-based record label, DIY collective, artists’ residency and record store that aims to promote avant-garde art and music in the Middle East and the diaspora. Established in 2017, the collective’s co-founders are Abass Elhage, Adam Shaalan and Youssef Abouzeid. As a platform for creative expression, HIZZ provides a safe, free, inspiring and supportive environment. Artists, both local and international, are welcome to meet, work, exchange and showcase their ideas. Through its DIY approach to releasing local underground music, from harsh noise to chaabi to hip hop, HIZZ has worked with artists such as ONSY, ABOsahar, Bashar Suleiman, DG Hadi, Youssef Abouzeid, KZLK and INSIN.
Established in 2017, the collective live and work between Cairo and Detroit.

SAF participation:
’32: Rescore, Air Arabia Curator in Residence Exhibition (2019)

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