Sanctity, 2012

Ahd Kamel
Sanctity, 2012
37 minutes
Saudi Arabia


Ali Jaafar is executive director of Quinta Communications’ independent film division. The division, which launched March 2010, has the dedicated aim of producing feature films and TV content from and about the Arab world and Middle East for the international market. During his time with the company, Quinta has co-produced Nadine Labaki’s award-winning Where Do We Go Now and Rachid Bouchareb’s Oscar-nominated Outside the Law.

Prior to joining Quinta, Ali has also written for a number of respected publications, including The Guardian, Sight & Sound, The National, Time Out as well as The Daily Star in Lebanon. He has also programmed the Arab and Middle Eastern section of the London Film Festival for the past seven years.

This person was part of Sharjah Biennial 11