The Oil Camp, 2006

Hassan Meer
The Oil Camp, 2006
video installation & documentary images


Hassan Meer’s work is multifaceted, encompassing painting, photography, video and installations using light and text. Although the forms of Meer’s work represent a departure from the traditional art of Oman and the Arabian Peninsula, his work still remains integrally connected to the spirituality and rituals of the region because of its focus on issues of cultural identity.

Meer’s work has been exhibited widely in Oman and abroad at such institutions as the Royal College of Art Galleries, London (2014); Fotofest Biennial, Houston, USA (2014); Stal Gallery and Studio, Muscat (2013); Sharjah Biennial 8, UAE (2013) and Mori Art Museum, Tokyo (2012).

He received a bachelor’s degree in fine art with a media art specialisation (1999) and a master’s degree in art (2000) from Savannah College of Art and Design, US. He also participated in a residency programme at the Delfina Foundation, London (2012). Meer was curator of the Circle Exhibition for Contemporary Art, Muscat from 2000 to 2007 and has been the artistic director of the non-profit Stal Gallery and Studio, Muscat since 2013. He is a member of the Oman Society of Fine Arts.

Meer was born in 1972 in Muscat, Oman, where he continues to live and work.


Meer, Hassan

do it بالعربي

Join in, take part and collaborate as individuals, families, friends – as a community, together in do it بالعربي [in Arabic] – a project organised by Sharjah Art Foundation.

Meer, Hassan

The Oil Camp

Art, for me, constitutes the language through which I discover the state of the human being and the contradictions he/she lives through in the shadow of the cultural conflicts between civilisations, and relating these to symbolic elements and concepts amongst these civilisations.