Maportaliche / It Has No Importance, 2011

Mustapha Benfodil
Maportaliche / It Has No Importance, 2011
Mixed-media installation, 23 mannequins, printed t-shirts, audio, graffiti
Dimensions variable
Installation view
Commissioned by Sharjah Art Foundation
Photo by Plamen Galabov


One of Mustapha Benfodil's three novels was awarded the Best Novel of 2003 in Algeria. El-Khabar newspaper awarded him the International Omar Ouartilane Prize for Press Freedom (2008).

Benfodil's collected poems and short stories were published in Algeria and his plays were published in France. In 2009, he launched his Scattered Plays – Wild Readings across Algeria’s ‘underground’. Benfodil lives and works in Algeria and writes for Al-Watan daily newspaper.

This person was part of Sharjah Biennial 10


Benfodil, Mustapha

Maportaliche / It Has No Importance

Maportaliche/ It has no importance is a mixed-media installation of a patchwork of words, texts, short descriptions in languages from the artist’s lived socio-linguistic reality in Algeria as well as from his world of literary and theatrical production.