Courtesy of NAAR


NAAR is a ‘post-cultural’ collective whose ambitions are to advise, produce and promote projects with Arab artists in order to make their creative voices heard in Western countries. Founded in 2017 by Mohamed Sqalli and Ilyes Griyeb, NAAR means ‘fire’ in Arabic and is also a contraction of ‘Narrate and Reclaim’. The collective aims to offset the outcomes of the ‘dissymmetric game’; that is, they believe that all cultures are equal in a world that is not and that all artists should be able to tell their stories by themselves. As a record label and platform, NAAR supports Arab artists and musicians to become the narrators of their own stories by challenging existing networks of circulation and resources.

Established in 2017, the collective live and work between Paris and Casablanca.

SAF participation:
’32: Rescore, Air Arabia Curator in Residence Exhibition (2019)

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