Soha Shukayr’s experience as an editor in film, television, commercials and video clips has left her with a deep understanding of the power of cinematography and editing in telling stories and creating a unique visual language. While directing her films, she continually considers image quality and the ways it can be manipulated to serve the plot and mood of the story. She is also attuned to the power of cinematography and lighting to capture unique moments that create a dynamic and exciting visual journey for the viewer.

Shukayr’s passion lies in directing, and she works as an independent director for television commercials and music videos. As a freelance film editor, she has collaborated with well-known artists on numerous projects in Lebanon and other Arab countries. In 2017, she co-founded Cutting Board Films, a multi-service post-production house.

She earned a bachelor’s degree in communication arts, with an emphasis on radio, television and film, from the Lebanese American University, Beirut (2011).

Born in 1989 in Baljarshi, Saudi Arabia, Shukayr currently lives and works in Beirut.

SAF Participation:
Sharjah Film Platform Short Film Production Grant awardee (2020)