Bruno Pacheco’s work is deeply invested in both the representational and art historical possibilities inherent within the medium of painting, often exploring the limits of colour, form and composition. Creating unique compositions that are gleaned from amalgams of personal photographs and found images culled from the internet, the artist approaches painting as an artificial construction that offers insight into worlds beyond the picture plane.

Unsettled Objects features an iconic large-scale painting first shown at The São Paulo Art Biennial. Mountain Flag (2014–2015) is part of a series of works that sees the artist exploring the limits of the colour red: what it conceals and reveals. Here, the flag and figures surrounding it lend themselves to ambiguity. Is this flag an emblem of peace? Are the bodies those of displaced persons or is this all but a dream? It is left to the viewer to decide.

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Bruno Pacheco: Mountain Flag (2014–2015)

Unsettled Objects

Sharjah Art Foundation presents Unsettled Objects, featuring new acquisitions and rarely seen works from the Foundation's Collection; the artists and works on display explore art history’s hidden stories.