Confrontation, 2006

Anas Al-Shaikh
Confrontation, 2006
Installation view


The work explores the idea of construction and destruction through the use of black and white symbolism to create a work space suggesting the opposition and complementarity between these two contrasts (the black and the white) as well as the degree of the influence of these relationships, whether complementary or opposing, on our lives, futures, environments, and societies. This is as a result of human decisions which are either for the benefit of the human being, society and the surroundings in which he/she lives or, on the contrary, where these decisions are detrimental to humanity, its freedom and integrity. Such decisions can also be detrimental to the environment, and everything related to coming generations and the survival of the human race, as well as to the future of earth. This means the maintenance and protection of earth from the extinction of its natural wealth and life forms, forests, trees and plants, which are its main resources and protect the air from natural pollution and also the industrial pollution caused by dark human interferences. Unfortunately, many such interferences are made to serve the interests of influential individuals and authorities, or for the benefit of some societies and powers. They exploit political, economic, social, and ethnic issues, as well as those related to civilisations and social class, with the aim of controlling many natural resources and national capabilities. Much of this control is done in the name of humanity and of preserving its freedom, integrity and progress.

This project was part of Sharjah Biennial 8.