Locus Focus dancing road of Indonesia islands for 50 days, 2004. Photo: Daizaburo Harada


According to artist Min Tanaka, the title Locus Focus does not refer to a work of art. Rather, Locus Focus is an experiment that returns the process of dance to nature in the place where the dance is performed.

For Tanaka, many commercial dance companies tour in theatres of similar design and size, presenting identical kinds of productions. These companies participate in an international competition for market value. Since the early 1970s, Tanaka has broken away from that conception of dance. He does not dance ‘in a place,’ but he dances ‘the place.’ His practice is rooted in the pursuit of dance itself.

He began calling his dance Locus Focus in 2004, when he travelled to the islands of Indonesia for 50 days, dancing in front of the people who had no idea who he was. He wanted to put his thought into practice: dance can never be merchandise.

What is the role or function of dance in contemporary societies? It would be better if the need for dance as Art—the Art with a capital ‘A’—would disappear. Existing since the emergence of humankind, dance is inclusive; it can draw in those who have no hope in their societies and who rebel against them.

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Min Tanaka is an experimental dancer who focuses on the psycho-physical unity of the body.