Similarity or Just Complexity, 2006-2007

Shatha Al-Wadi
Similarity or Just Complexity, 2006-2007
photographs and glue on tree
detail view



Similarity or just complexity?!

Humans can never be alike,
Nor can trees .
A man and a tree in this being form An entity with a unique quality!

I am a human–and I am a tree;
I have a body–and I have a trunk.
I’ve got hands–and I’ve got branches.
Together we share.
Earth, sand, love, and generosity
Between strength, anger, and embrace,
Sheltered under shadow, complexity, and suddenness, Amidst originality, toughness, but also incomplete solidity. Watered,
By one Creator...

Now, does this make us
More similar or complex?

This project was part of Sharjah Biennial 8.