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Ahmed Mater: 100 Found Objects
64 pages, 37 visuals
16 x 11 cm
English and Arabic
Published by Sharjah Art Foundation, 2014


100 Found Objects was an exhibition of images, videos and research material collected by Ahmed Mater which chronicle Makkah’s past and present identity. Throughout his research, Mater has gathered a rich archive of conversations. They include personal references and continuous recordings of the urban developments and expansion of Makkah, some of which are presented in this exhibition. This publication accompanied the exhibition and includes visuals of a selection of the works on view.


Ahmed Mater: 100 Found Objects

Cover Page View (Arabic)

Ahmed Mater: 100 Found Objects Image


Ahmed Mater: 100 Found Objects

Mater, Ahmed

Informed by his education and work as a medical doctor as well as the social, religious and historical contexts of Saudi Arabia, Ahmed Mater’s practice explores the narratives of Islamic culture in an era of globalisation, consumerism and flux.