Publication detail

Publication detail

ISBN 978-9948-23-204-9
‘The Earth Doesn’t Tell Its Secrets ‘– His father once said
255 pages, 68 visuals
17 x 13 cm
Commissioned and published by Sharjah Art Foundation, 2017

‘The Earth Doesn’t Tell Its Secrets’ - His father once said, Noor Abuarafeh’s Sharjah Biennial 13 artist project in the form of a novel, revolves around the narrator’s fascination with the myth of Palestine’s first museum. This so-called museum has assumed different forms throughout the years—a collection with no space, a temporary room that would hold a single artwork, a museum conceived as an artwork and a museum building with no collection. Each attempt to visit such a museum ends in failure and each proposal seems to float between fact and fiction.

The collections described in ‘The Earth Doesn’t Tell Its Secrets - His father once said’ are shaped by the artist’s meddling with those she found as well as the creation of new ones inspired by subjective impressions and flights of fancy.

‘The Earth Doesn’t Tell Its Secrets ‘– His father once said

Abuarafeh, Noor

Noor Abuarafeh’s works explore imagination and history, focusing on how history is documented, read and perceived as well as the possibility of using imagination and history to predict the future.