A project by CAMP
21 x 14 cm
282 pages, 37 visuals
Published by Sharjah Art Foundation, 2009


This publication and the related radio transmission is two-art project by CAMP for Sharjah Biennial 9.

WHARFAGE is a project on the creek in Sharjah, from where a large number of dhows leave for Somalia. Somalia is a collection of semi-state entities and thereby a kind of ‘free trade zone’. This arrow of trade – in which the ship is not an escape from but an entry into, an engagement with, the space of conflict – is the subject of this project.

Containing two years of port records related to Somali trade from Sharjah, the publication attempts to offer a few ways to think about how business and the spectral lives of these commodities and traders, point to life beyond war or ‘global capital’. With pirates up ahead and economic crisis at their tail, these mountains of goods and their sailors may trace old routes, but map out something new: a contemporary landscape of used things, ‘break-in-bulk’ trade, diasporas, and giant wooden ships being built in the port of Salaya, Gujarat.


Biennial 9

Sharjah Biennial 9: Provisions for the Future
and Past of the Coming Days



CAMP is a collaborative studio whose projects relate to media and its history, formats and distribution.