Programme 19

A Crow Has Been Calling for a Whole Day (2016)
Director: Liu Yi
Experimental documentary | 12 min
No dialogue

The director reflects on a previous visit to India and the influence of time on memory. Regional boundaries disappear, and flowing images possess potential temporality, transforming psychological changes into visual presentation. The magic croaking of the crows runs through the whole city, and the word for yesterday and tomorrow is the same.

stealing earth (2018)
Director: Karan Shrestha
Documentary | 13 min
Nepali with English subtitles

stealing earth addresses how the rhetoric of conservation (pertaining to Chitwan National Park, Nepal) is used to enclose land, forests and water for the wealthy and powerful and push the poor farther into the margins.

A Poetic Truth in a Pathetic Fallacy (2018)
Director: Elise Rasmussen
South Africa
Experimental | 16 min
No dialogue

Shot on location in South Africa, Dublin and London, this film considers humankind’s fascination with the rhinoceros and ways this animal has been misinterpreted. It explores the urgency to keep this genus from extinction while considering the lingering effects of colonialism, apartheid and collection.

When the Body Becomes All Eyes (2017)
Director: Anal Shah
United States of America
Documentary ǀ 29 min
Malayalam with English subtitles

Woven from observational footage shot at various kalaris [martial arts gyms] in northern Kerala, When the Body Becomes All Eyes is an ethnographic portrait of the ancient south Indian martial art kalaripayattu. The camera’s response to the high-paced action of the martial art sequences transforms the movements into a dance.

Reddishblue Memories (2017)
Director: Iván Argote
Documentary | 12 min
Spanish with English subtitles

Reddishblue Memories speculates on a rumor that the Eastman Kodak Company’s switch from Kodachrome to Ektachrome in the Cold War era of the late 1960s was done for ideological reasons. Over time, Kodachrome photographs became reddish (the color of communism), but the Ektachrome process eventually gave photos a blue tinge.

These Silences Are All the Words (2018)
Director: Madiha Aijaz
Experimental | 15 min
Urdu with English subtitles

These Silences Are All the Words explores the public libraries of Karachi, Pakistan against the backdrop of the city’s changing linguistic landscape. Conversations with both librarians and library users reflect on the shift of language from Urdu and its literary history to English and its associations with ambition and individualism.

Ghosts Don't Care If You Believe in Them (2018)
Director: Arturo Kameya
The Netherlands
Experimental | 18 min

This film focuses on the relationship between the origin of objects and the policies to which they are currently subject. It also addresses the relationship between the workers of the Museum of Natural History of Lima and the space in which they work, which is presented as a kind of bureaucratic limbo in reorganisation.

I Will Outlive You (2017)
Director: Claudia Martínez Garay
The Netherlands
Experimental | 16 min
Quechua with English subtitles

At the Ethnological Museum of Berlin, an artist encounters a ceramic vase, more than 1200 years old, that represents a Moche prisoner just as he is about to be sacrificed. The artist speculates on the history of the artefact and the person it depicts.

Kings and Thieves (2018)
Director: Kianoosh Motallebi
The Netherlands
Experimental | 4 min
No dialogue

Kings and Thieves appropriates and brings together symbols from an ancient undeciphered Cretian language and logos of defunct contemporary production companies.