Programme 21

Ghost Mode (2018)
Director: Sofia Alaoui
Narrative | 16 min
French with English subtitles

In the suburbs of Paris, a small group of teenagers spend time together during the summer holidays. One day, Kenza, one of the girls from the group, does not appear at the scheduled time. She does not answer her phone, and she is disconnected from all the apps.

Kindil el Bahr (2016)
Director: Damien Ounouri
Narrative | 40 min
Arabic with English subtitles

At the beach with her family, Nfissa, a young mother, is drowned by a group of young men while swimming. Nobody seems to witness her disappearance, and as fear takes over the population, the police suggest that Nfissa may have morphed into a kindil, a nautical creature whose appearances have been reported elsewhere in the region.

Unravel (2017)
Director: Jean Claire Dy
The Philippines
Narrative | 27 min
Hiligaynon with English subtitles

Ligaya unwittingly unravels a wartime secret when filming her Ilonggo uncle’s past life in Mindanao during the tumultuous 1970s. Could this be why her family resists her marrying a Mindanao Muslim?
Men with No Name (2017)
Director: Nuruzzaman Khan
Documentary ǀ 12 min
Bengali with English subtitles

The new face of Europe is encapsulated in the struggles of two Bangladeshi men who had hoped migrating to Portugal would set them on the path to a better life. It becomes clear their reality has more obstacles than anticipated.

Léo (2017)
Director: Julian Alexander
United States of America
Narrative | 15 min
French with English subtitles

Desperate to make money, Léo accepts a job to smuggle a refugee couple through France, but he and the couple have different expectations about their destination. Eventually, Léo is forced to confront the couple, his boss and himself in order to understand how far he is willing to go for people he never intended to help.

Friendship Crossroad (2018)
Director: Waleed Al Madani
Documentary | 13 min
English with Arabic subtitles

Friendship adds new interest to the daily lives of two squatters, Michael from Poland and Baba from Bangladesh, who have been living in Lisbon for different periods of time. This documentary offers a view of life as a squatter, focusing on the struggle for survival and art, friendship and wants.

River (2018)
Director: Bagane Fiola
The Philippines
Narrative | 22 min
Filipino with English subtitles

In two flourishing Moro communities separated by a vast river, there are two brothers who feel a longing that is beyond the reach of their calm and idyllic life. In the end, they seek the river to find peace.