Isak Berbic is a photography, video and performance artist. He studied Photography, Film and Electronic Media at the University of Illinois at Chicago. In Chicago, he practiced art, worked in theater and was art director of a political monthly journal. In 2007 he relocated to the Middle East where he currently teaches photography and media at the College of Fine Arts and Design, University of Sharjah, UAE. His research deals with histories, politics, tragedy, memory, humor, exile and the limits of representation. Berbic is widely shown internationally and has exhibited at: Singapore Biennale (2008), Dojima River Biennale, Osaka, Japan (2009), Jatiwangi Art Festival, Indonesia (2008), The First International Photography Biennial, Teheran, Iran (2007), Normalization in Honor of Nikola Tesla, Galerija Nova, WHW Zagreb, Croatia (2004). He participated in Expanding Documentary: Sound, Image, Text (2011) the 8th biennial conference held in Aotearoa, New Zealand; the International Symposium on Electronic Art, ISEA, Singapore (2008) Take a Deep Breath: an interdisciplinary symposium, Tate Modern, UK (2007). In 2010, Berbic was an artist-in-residence at the Transart Institute, Berlin, Germany. His solo exhibition, From the Life of Engineer D.M premiered at Novi Hram, The Jewish Museum in Sarajevo (2011).