Remote Moscow, Rimini Protokoll

Remote Moscow, Rimini Protokoll
From the project 'Remote X'
Performance view: Moscow, 2015
Photo: © Mike Vonotkov


Perform Sharjah, Sharjah Art Foundation’s season of performances, continues to present performative works. This month, a unique performance, Remote Sharjah, will take place during the weekends: 11, 12 and 13 as well as 18, 19 and 20 November 2022.

Award-winning theatre group Rimini Protokoll will produce a version of Remote X for the city of Sharjah. The performance, a kind of mobile research experimental lab, has been presented in many cities around the world. For each new iteration, a unique dramatic structure is developed, based on the urban fabric of the hosting city.

Remote Sharjah will begin in front of the Information Centre in Al Mureijah Square where a computer-generated voice will guide the participants as they walk through a sequence of carefully selected indoor and outdoor sites. Each person will see the locations come to life, as if immersed in a set for an imaginary film.

The performance dates and language options are:

11, 12, 13 November 2022 (English, Arabic and Urdu)
18, 19, 20 November 2022 (English, Arabic and Malayalam)

The performance will resume in December and January on the following dates:

9, 10, 11 December 2022 (English, Arabic and Urdu)
6, 7, 8 January 2023 (English, Arabic and Malayalam)

Ticketing information

Admission is free; however, prior booking is required.

Book tickets at the Box Office or online at Participants can select the language of their choice at the time of booking.

Box Office:
Information Centre, Al Mureijah Square
Saturday to Thursday, from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm
Friday, from 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm

About Rimini Protokoll

Helgard Haug, Stefan Kaegi and Daniel Wetzel founded the theatre group Rimini Protokoll in 2000 and have been working as a team of author-directors since. The focal point of their work is the use of theatrical tools to develop unusual perspectives on reality. The performers in their works are not actors, but rather experts who have gained their knowledge and skills beyond theatre and who contribute to the development of Rimini Protokoll’s stage works, interventions, performative installations and audio plays. Many of their works feature interactivity and a playful use of technology. They are the recipients of many awards, including the Faust Theatre Prize (2007), European Prize for New Theatre Forms (2008), Silver Lion at the 41st Biennale for Performing Arts in Venice (2011) and Excellence Award at the 17th Japan Media Arts Festival (2013).

About Sharjah Art Foundation

Sharjah Art Foundation is an advocate, catalyst and producer of contemporary art within the Emirate of Sharjah and the surrounding region, in dialogue with the international arts community. The Foundation advances an experimental and wide-ranging programmatic model that supports the production and presentation of contemporary art, preserves and celebrates the distinct culture of the region and encourages a shared understanding of the transformational role of art. The Foundation’s core initiatives include the long-running Sharjah Biennial, featuring contemporary artists from around the world; the annual March Meeting, a convening of international arts professionals and artists; grants and residencies for artists, curators and cultural producers; ambitious and experimental commissions and a range of travelling exhibitions and scholarly publications.

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