Conceived as a bridge between March Meeting 2014 and March Meeting 2015, SB12 monthly talks developed conversations on and through contemporary art, introducing the public to artists and ways of thinking foundational to SB12. Many of these artists spent extended periods of time in Sharjah in order to research and produce newly commissioned work, allowing for regular presentations by SB12 artists in the months leading up to, and continuing through, the exhibition.

During a visit to work with local schools and youth groups to create a non-competitive game, Eduardo Navarro discussed a number of previous performative works with SB12 Associate Curator Ryan Inouye during a conversation at the Brownbook in Dubai’s DIFC.

Rheim Alkadhi spent early mornings along Sharjah Creek, offering tea and sweets to dockworkers in exchange for conversation and an eyelash, which became material for a sculpture. Her talk addressed works that also developed from shared time with a community of collaborators.


Working to complete their installations in January, Michael Joo and Byron Kim spoke to SB12 Curator Eungie Joo about walking’s meditative potential, elucidating its significance to Kim’s paintings of Sharjah’s night sky and Joo’s site-specific intervention echoing archeological irrigation channels in the desert.

Taro Shinoda visited Sharjah to work with the production team to fine-tune the mechanical inner-workings of his dry landscape garden. His talk discussed previous work that expanded a twinned pursuit of impermanence and technical experimentation.

During SB12’s opening, choreographer Papy Ebotani led a procession of performers, local musicians and publics that filled the streets of SAF’s neighbourhood. His workshop developed techniques of movement and improvisation.

Following his circular journey through desert and sea for SB12, Nikhil Chopra gave a workshop that explored performance and public space.

Days after their final performance at March Meeting 2015, percussionist Uriel Barthélémi worked with dancers Joel Lokossou and Entissar Al Hamdany on a dance workshop based in popping and hip-hop repertoires.