Sharjah Art Foundation

Sharjah Biennial 16

Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

Speaking of Art

Speaking of Art, the official podcast of Sharjah Art Foundation, brings together a diverse range of perspectives on contemporary art from Asia, Africa and around the world.

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Biennial Bytes

A podcast series featuring thought-provoking interviews with SB15 artists.

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Sharjah Biennial 15 Learning Programme

An array of activities and events for people of all ages and abilities, the SB15 Learning Programme includes exhibition tours with experts, workshops, talks, panel discussions, excursions, photo-walks and storytelling sessions conducted in Arabic and English.

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Sharjah Biennial 15 Film Programme

Sharjah Biennial 15 Film Programme presents a series of film, documentary and experimental moving images by participating artists and other significant filmmakers.

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Sharjah Biennial 15 Music Programme

A series of concerts, performances and recitals, the music component of Sharjah Biennial 15, brings together six highly celebrated international artists and ensembles: Abdullah Ibrahim, Boubacar Traoré, Noura Mint Seymali, Tinariwen, and Youssou N’Dour.

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SAF Online: Reading

Browse a selection of online reading materials and SAF publications made available by our publications team. Here you will find resources about contemporary art, artist books, exhibition catalogues and a range of educational and research-based texts.

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SAF Online: Film

Enjoy a programme of award-winning independent films and cinema classics. The Sharjah Art Foundation Film Programme screens films in a variety of genres for audiences of all ages. The films can be streamed on any digital device.

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SAF Online: Learning

Get ready to create, imagine and learn with our online learning programmes. Designed by our innovative learning team, the programmes offer livestreamed workshops, do-it-yourself videos and other creative resources.

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SAF Online: Talks

Access a video library of talks by renowned artists, curators and art practitioners. Available for streaming at any time, these talks, which were presented at Sharjah Art Foundation events such as the annual March Meeting, explore vital issues in contemporary art.

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SAF Online: Listening

Explore podcasts, audio content and listening experiences that focus on topics related to contemporary art, music, film and much more.

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Sharjah Film Platform

An annual film festival, Sharjah Film Platform foregrounds recent cinematic achievements by international filmmakers and artists, noteworthy classics from around the region as well as experimental films that challenge the idea of what film practice is today.

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Film Programme

SB14 film programme is free and open to the public and takes place in Sharjah Art Foundation’s open air Mirage City Cinema.

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SB14 School

In parallel with the Biennial, the SB14 School will host an intensive art education programme.

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Concerts and Performances

Sharjah Art Foundation organises concerts and performances by a wide range of artists. Its mission is to provide an accessible platform for both new talent and established artists to perform and connect.

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Residencies and Productions

Since 2009, Sharjah Art Foundation has supported artists on a number of music and performance projects through production support and grants, residencies at the foundation and Sharjah Biennial commissions.

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Workshops and Events

The foundation offers educational and community engagement opportunities including workshops, courses, listening sessions and other events for artists and visitors to exchange and for community members to cultivate an interest in music and performance.

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SB13 Act II

The culinary off-site project Upon a Shifting Plate (14–15 October 2017) will be followed by SB13 Act II, the concluding exhibitions and performance programme of the Biennial.

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This project reflects, celebrates and documents the narratives of the area surrounding SAF.

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Off-site Projects

Four Interlocutors have been invited by Tohme to engage in an extended conversation with Sharjah, from specific sites within the broader region.

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One of the key components of Sharjah Biennial 13 is its digital publishing platform image

SB13 School

Sharjah Biennial 13 School is open to participants of all ages and abilities.

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Film Programme

For Sharjah Biennial 13: Tamawuj, the film programme will include a selection of films related to the SB13 keywords: water, earth, crops and culinary.

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Workshops and Events

SAF offers engaging community workshops and activities that emphasise public participation, urban research and sustainability.

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Group Visits

SAF welcomes groups and visitors for self-guided and organised tours and activities.

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Education Programme

SB12 Education programme activities and workshops took place every Saturday, beginning March 14.

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SB12 Monthly Talks

As part of Sharjah Biennial 12, a series of lectures and workshops with SB12 artists were organised in Sharjah and Dubai from September 2014 to May 2015.

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Film Programme

SB12 Film Programme screenings took place every Saturday for the duration of the Biennial at Mirage City Cinema, SAF Art Spaces.

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Film Programme

Sharjah Biennial 10 has commissioned filmmakers and invited curators to create a series of films, videos and curated programs conspired from the conceptual framework of Plot for a Biennial.

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Music and Performance Programme

On the occasion of the 10th edition of the Biennial, the curators have proposed a platform for conversation between artists of different backgrounds.

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Film Programme

SB11 Film Programme took place in the new outdoor Mirage City Cinema and featured programming by leading figures in the film industry.

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SAF Studios

Sharjah Art Foundation invites UAE-based artists to apply for studio space in Sharjah Arts Square and Al Hamriyah.

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SAF Urban Garden

Designed as a collective space, the garden is a social, learning and creative site for local communities.

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Web Radio: Rawdat Al Balabel

In collaboration with AMAR Foundation (Arab Music Archiving and Research), Sharjah Art Foundation presents Rawdat al-Balabel: a series of podcasts about classical Arabic music.

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Production Programme

The Production Programme broadens the possibilities for the production of art in the MENASA region.

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Film Screenings and Events

UAE audiences can enjoy a wide range of films and film genres featured in the regularly scheduled screenings that take place in SAF's Mirage City Cinema.

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Residency Programme

The Sharjah Art Foundation Residency Programme offers artists and art practitioners a place of rest, reflection and exploration of the Emirates and the region at large.

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March Project

March Project is an educational residency programme for young artists that provides opportunities to research, realise and present site-specific works.

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Vantage Point Sharjah

An Open Call exhibition, participants are invited to capture Sharjah’s everyday life and culture through photography.

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Productions and Partnerships

Since Sharjah Biennial 6 in 2003, Sharjah Art Foundation has supported the production of film and video work by visual artists and filmmakers.

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Film Club

Dedicated to film and filmmaking, the SAF Film Club is designed for filmmakers and offers opportunities to get involved in the local film community.

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