Sharjah Art Foundation

March Meeting 2024: Tawashujat
1 – 3 March 2024

Khalid Bin Mohammed School, Al Manakh, Sharjah


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March Meeting 2024: Tawashujat

The 16th edition of Sharjah Art Foundation’s annual March Meeting (MM 2024), running from 1 to 3 March 2024, brings together collectives whose embodied practices consciously intertwine diverse forms of artmaking and community building. This edition comprises of talks, panel discussions, lectures, workshops, breakout sessions, performances and other formats of social engagement.

The 2024 theme Tawashujat is the Arabic word referring to intertwining, coming together or the meeting of thoughts and ideas, which represents the program’s focus on collaboratively imagining more inclusive, equitable, sustainable and livable futures. March Meeting 2024: Tawashujat explores collaborative methods that reappraise artistic, curatorial and activist approaches to reconfigure the role of art and artists in our current times. It also looks at the myriad forms of coming together, such as learning platforms, activist movements, and publishing, which can serve as toolkits for social justice, solidarity and political mobilisation.

With its emphasis on critical encounters through the sharing of knowledge among artists, scholars, students and cultural producers, March Meeting has historically been a site for convening, debating, listening and engendering transregional solidarities. MM 2024 draws attention to collectives who work in communities to advance social justice through relational and cooperative practices.

MM 2024 invites participants to radically reimagine more inclusive, equitable, sustainable and liveable futures through various forms of cultural and knowledge production in collective practices. How does collaborative work enhance notions of artistic agency, especially in moments of global unrest? Can the mutual sharing of artistic and cultural resources help us navigate precarity, stimulate dialogue and encourage equity?

March Meeting 2024 Speakers

Sara Abdulla (architect and co-founder, in narrative); Maya Abu Al Hayyat (writer and General Manager, The Palestine Writing Workshop); Mosab Abu Toha (poet); Nermeen Abu Dail (graphic designer and co-founder, naqsh collective); Nisreen Abu Dail (architect and co-founder, naqsh collective); Amina Agueznay (artist); Tariq Ali (writer); Fernanda Alvarado (photographer, artist, curator and educator, La Revuelta); Susana Alvarado (social worker, La Revuelta); Nabil Anani (artist, New Visions); Mirwan Andan (Artistic director and co-founder of Riwanua, part of ruangrupa); Lubnah Ansari (Seeds Collective); Matthew Asaminew (software engineer, Woven Memory); Jeebesh Bagchi (artist and curator, Raqs Media Collective); Tayseer Barakat (artist, New Visions); Taysir Batniji (artist); Aisha Bilkhair (Research Advisor, National Library and Archives, Abu Dhabi); Fatima Bintou Rassoul Sy (Director of Programs, RAW Material Company); Touda Bouanani (artist; founder of Archives Bouanani; and co-founder, Intilak); Delphine Buysse (Curator of Programs, RAW Material Company); Beatrice Catanzaro (artist, researcher and co-founder, Bait al Karama); Jieun Cho (artist, ikkibawiKrrr); Ayan Cilmi (artist, dhaqan collective); Ivet Ćurlin (curator, What, How & for Whom); Jumana Emil Abboud (artist); Jimena Galán Dary (curator and researcher, La Revuelta); Bhoomika Ghaghada (writer); Natasha Ginwala (artistic director, Colomboscope and Sharjah Biennial 16 co-curator); Leah Gordon (artist, curator and co-director, Ghetto Biennale); Shayma Hamad (Founder, Food in Law); Joachim Hamou (artist, Trampoline House); Fozia Ismail (artist, researcher and co-founder, dhaqan collective); Emily Jacir (artist and founding director, Dar Yusuf Nasri Jacir for Art and Research); Samer Jaradat (musician; founder, Jafra Productions; and manager, Le Trio Joubran); Fatima Al Jarman (writer); Samir Joubran (musician and founder, Le Trio Joubran); Maya Juracán (curator and co-creator, La Revuelta); Fatima Kaddumy (co-founder and director, Bait al Karama); Amal Khalaf (Director, Cubitt; Curator at Large, Public Practice, Serpentine and Sharjah Biennial 16 co-curator); Lara Khaldi (Artistic Director, De Appel Art Center; co-founder of The Question of Funding); Yazan Khalili (artist and co-founder of The Question of Funding and Radio Alhara); Nighat Khan (academic and founding member, Women's Action Forum); Aline Khoury (Program Director, Dar Yusuf Nasri Jacir for Art and Research); Jungwon Kim (artist, ikkibawiKrrr); Deniz Kirkali (curator, topsoil); Gyeol Ko (artist, ikkibawiKrrr); Christa Krings (curator and co-founder of La Revuelta); Heiba Lamara (artist, OOMK); Sliman Mansour (artist, New Visions); Mujah Maraini-Melehi (film director); Yasmeen Mjalli (co-founder and Creative Director, Nöl Collective); Molemo Moiloa (artist, MADEYOULOOK); Nare Mokgotho (artist, MADEYOULOOK); Morad Montazami (curator, publisher, art historian); Vekis Morales (designer, La Revuelta); Soledad Muñoz (artist, researcher and weaver, Woven Memory); María José Murillo (artist, Noqanchis); Mishari Al Najjar (architect and co-founder, in narrative); Monica Narula (artist and curator, Raqs Media Collective); Sofia Niazi (artist and lecturer, OOMK); Rose Nordin (artist, OOMK); Jazael Olguín Zapata (Artist and organiser, Cooperativa Cráter Invertido); other indias; Zeynep Öz (Independent curator and Sharjah Biennial 16 co-curator); Sahar Qawasmi (co-founder and director, Sakiya); Mahbubur Rahman (artist, co-founder and trustee, Britto Arts Trust); Nabila Saidi (Deputy Chair and social coordinator and counsellor, Trampoline House); Shazia Salam (artist); Shuddhabrata Sengupta (artist and curator, Raqs Media Collective); Nida Sinnokrot (Associate Professor, MIT, and co-founder, Sakiya); Alia Swastika (Director, Jogja Biennale Foundation and Sharjah Biennial 16 co-curator); Vera Tamari (artist, curator and academic, New Visions); Sofía Villena Araya (curator, topsoil); Amelie Wedel (curator, researcher and co-founder, topsoil); Haewon Yoon (Seeds Collective).