One of the key components of Sharjah Biennial 13 is its digital publishing platform tamawuj.org, which is a developing repository of research and commissioned texts, images and audio-visual material themed around the biennial’s four keywords of water, earth, crops and culinary. Each keyword is also the core concept of SB13 off-site projects in Dakar, Ramallah, Istanbul and Beirut respectively.

tamawuj.org has been developed with the idea of fostering a holistic exchange of ideas across diverse geographies, communities and languages. Functioning as a site of inquiry and reflection, tamawuj.org aims to expand the themes of SB13 by exploring social, economic, cultural, mythical and political aspects of the keywords and provide critical reading aligned with the SB13 off-site projects. The variety of its content reflects the multi-disciplinary approach of the latest edition of the Sharjah Biennial.

The website content is organised into four compendiums under the titles of the SB13 keywords. Compendiums are downloadable and available in Arabic and/or English, French and Turkish.

The editors of Tamawuj are Omar Berrada, Amal Issa, Kaelen Wilson-Goldie, and Brian Kuan Wood.

For a list of published articles and texts click here.