The Sharjah Art Foundation education and community outreach programmes offer a range of activities designed to encourage creativity and engage participants of all ages, abilities and skill levels. In parallel with Sharjah Biennial 14 (SB14), Sharjah Art Foundation has organised special programmes inspired and informed by the works of participating artists. SB14’s programming is free and open to the public. See below for detailed information:

Community Outreach

Running from 16 March to 27 April 2019, the SB14 Community Outreach Programme features a variety of engaging excursions, collaborations, workshops and meet-ups across various biennial locations. Participants can connect with the local photography community at the SB14 Photo Walk, perform in the Open Mic Night at the site of the New Orleans Airlift installation in Umm Al Quwain, explore regional hospitality in the workshop History and Preparation of Arabic Coffee and learn new skills from the local community of crafters at the Embroiderers’ Meet-up and Workshop. Other community-driven activities are also on offer.

Adult Education

Targeting those aged sixteen and older, the SB14 Adult Education Programme consists of excursions, workshops, courses, talks and critical modules that address topics such as curation, sculpture, photography, painting, music, virtual reality filmmaking and stop motion video production. This year’s programme features a range of collaborations, including the Experimenter Learning Program (ELP) in partnership with the Experimenter Learning Program Foundation in India and a two-day conference related to Arabic music in collaboration with Ma3azef.

Children’s Education

Designed for children aged 6 to 15, the SB14 Children’s Education Programme offers art workshops and other activities in a broad range of visual and performing arts. Running from 16 March to 4 May 2019, the programme features workshops inspired by the work of SB14 artists, with a focus on photography, painting, writing and performance. Through the workshops, children can explore their creativity and learn new art techniques and means of self-expression.

Education for People with Disabilities

Sharjah Biennial 14 Education Programme for People with Disabilities, scheduled from 16 March to 2 May 2019, includes a wide range of educational offerings for individuals with physical, learning and developmental difficulties. Designed to help people with disabilities aged 7 and above to discover new ways of self-expression through art, the SB14 workshops have been inspired by participating artists’ work and practices. Workshops include Puppet Theatre, Modern Islamic Art and Macramé Rope Art as well as many others.